Color options for leather wallet

- Sep 19, 2019-

Red purse: red stands for prosperity, which is the most lucky color.  But it is easy to spend money and can not save money, or lost it. If it is for seek fortune, red color is unsuitable. 

Blue purse: blue stands for water, which means money flows away like it does, and it's a color that doesn't suit your wallet.

Coffee purse: it has the same meaning as a black purse, but not as strong as a black purse

Gold purse: gold represents wealth, is the best purse color. For those considering some big investments next year, the golden purse can help.

Purple wallet: purple is the color of the royal, noble and elegant, the color shows wisdom, whether you are in the money or financial aspects which are quite flexible and independent. So money may not be short into your pocket, and purple is the color of accumulation of wealth, therefore, purple purse is also the color of good fortune.

Pink wallet: the color of love, add pink to money, express love to him, financial resources must "return pink", also fall in love with you.