Compare artificial leather and composition leather

- Oct 12, 2018-

Artificial leather refers to PVC (polyvinyl chloride) artificial leather, which is made of various fabrics, combined with PVC foam layer and leather processed by surface. It has a soft hand, similar to the texture of the leather surface and different surface touch. It is a good and inexpensive product. It is the earliest creation of leather fabrics. It is made of PVC plus plasticizer and other additives. Cheap, rich colors, complicated stripes, the shortcomings are simple and hard, brittle, and poor wear resistance.

Composition leather: From the chemical structure, it is closer to the leather fabric, it does not use plasticizer to reach the soft nature, so he will not become hard, brittle, can reach high tolerance, very wear-resistant, together with color Rich and colorful, and the PU composition leather has the superior function of other constituent materials. It can replace the natural leather surface such as cowhide, pigskin and sheepskin.