Different types of paper for notebook

- Sep 11, 2019-

The custom notebookis one of the favorite products amoung office staff.  Do you know what type of notebook paper is divided into?

Genearlly Notepad use woodfree paper (color is beige, does not harm the eyesight, environmental protection and non-toxic), Generally, it is 70-80 grams and 100-120 sheets, which can be increased or decreased according to customer requirements. It is bound by sewing glue or stainless steel binder; Of course, we can also make samples according to the customer's choice of paper.  More high-grade paper generally has 100-120g woodfree paper, offset paper and specialty paper.


Rice white eye protection paper and pure white wood pulp paper are both are of superior quality. There are 80 grams and 100 grams of paper. 80g paper is more comfortable to write, 100g paper looks more high-grade, each has its own advantages.Good paper is flat and can be written smoothly, while low quality paper is with impurities and writing with astringent feeling. Multi-functional leather notebook with calculator, Usb flash drive, power bank, card slots is also widely loved.