Discolor Leather Notebook

- May 28, 2020-

What is discolor leather? 

Color-changing resin was added into the PU surface layer and BASE layer of leather, and  after soaking and the processing of the type of paper veneer or embossing, printing, the discolored leather is made. 

After the thermal pressure of the hot press, the surface of this type of leather will have a similar carbonization reaction, imitation dermis under high temperature charred mark, which result in the color of the hot pressed surface of the color gradient become dark, so it is called change color leather.

What is the characteristic of discolored leather? 

The color changed leather feels comfortable, has certain damping. After the hot pressing, the layer behind will be darker. 

Color-changing leather is a kind of high quality leather made by special process which is suitable for the cover of high-grade hardcover books, high-end menu cover, high-grade notebook cover, high-end gift box surface mounted paper, high-grade leather bag, suitcase, office stationery and so on.

Attached pls find the discolored leather color notebook attached for reference. When logo embossed, the part of leather have a discolor effect which makes your logo or brand more prominent.