Does keeping a diary help?

- Nov 20, 2018-

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Now is the age of the Internet, there are not many people writing, so there should be fewer people writing diaries. I started to write a diary on an accidental day, and finally fell in love with the diary. Many things may have been forgotten, but once you open the diary, those past can be remembered. Perhaps this is the most basic meaning of the diary.

Summarize some of the experiences and benefits of writing your own diary and share it with everyone:


Record life, leave memories

Some people say that as long as you write a diary, you will not lose sleep at night. When I write it down, life is as easy to put down as a diary. If you also have the habit of writing a diary, you can understand this sentence.

The diary can help us to cherish those beautiful memories. The years go by, and when we open the diary, it will reappear in the past. Those beautiful things and years always make us smile.


Self-reflection and improvement

When we were young, we didn't know how to write a diary. We always recorded it as a running account at the teacher's request. When we grew up, we paid more attention to our inner feelings and gains.

Diary can make people think about life and life. Maybe they will read the previous diary in the future. We will think that the original approach is not the best solution. Things can be changed from one angle to the other. Maybe there will be better results. Let us learn to reflect on ourselves. And constantly improve their own shortcomings in all aspects.


Teach us to know more about life

The diary lets us remember the time and the water, cherish our good times. We teach us to discover life, to feel life, to learn to be grateful. Many times, we will forget that we used to have such a beautiful and beautiful life, which will make us cherish our hard-won day more unconsciously.


Exercise a person's willpower

Writing a diary is a long-term process. It needs to be persisted. Writing a diary for a long time, one year or two, will let us know how to persist. Maybe a lot of things we can't do, we can learn some truth from the diary and insist on it. Relentlessness is the best kind of spiritual quality.

If you can't find the meaning of life at this stage, try to write a diary.