How does dermis distinguish?

- Mar 01, 2019-

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In terms of the cortex, it is estimated that most buyers are only slightly wading, and the basic cortex type of the bag, which is cowhide, sheepskin, and suede, only stays at the most basic cognition. In order to make everyone spend more money on the big bags, we will talk about cortex today.

How is the leather differentiated? Leather & Faux Leather

The dermis is a special processing of the animal's raw hair, which can be subdivided into a top layer and a second layer.

The artificial leather is made of various PVC and PU, foaming or laminating.

Some differences between the two can be seen with the naked eye: there are clear pores on the real leather surface, the more advanced the leather is, the more irregular the texture and the softer the gloss.

There is no pore on the artificial leather. Even if the anti-dermal pores are pressed, there will be no pores, and the gloss will be as bright as ten layers of wax.

When touched, the feel of the leather is soft and smooth, and the synthetic leather is rough and hard.

If you still can't feel it, you can smell it nearby. The artificial leather has a strong or weak plastic smell, and the leather is the smell of natural leather.