How is synthetic leather developed

- Oct 12, 2018-

In recent years, various new and environmentally-friendly artificial leather synthetic leather products have received increasing attention. Historically, there have never been so many new products in the past two years, such as water-based synthetic leather, solvent-free synthetic leather, TPU synthetic leather, and silicone leather. Polyolefin leather, etc. On the other hand, the use of artificial leather synthetic leather products is still expanding, such as the application on mobile phone holsters, the coating on the refrigerator door, etc. The quantity, quality, color and variety of demand are With each passing day, these changes directly affect and promote the development of artificial leather synthetic leather technology and products.

In-depth analysis of the emergence of these new products, on the one hand is driven by environmental protection, the development of traditional solvent-based synthetic leather is greatly challenged; on the other hand, competition is the result. In today's market, artificial leather synthetic leather overcapacity, product homogenization is serious, products Profits are as thin as paper. If companies want to get better benefits, if they want to win in the fierce competition, they can't do everything they can to find new ones.