How to achievea zipper?

- Dec 03, 2018-

As a leather goods player, zippers are a process we often encounter in daily life, but everyone often feels a little doubt about how to install a zipper. Let's talk today, how to install a zipper.
Before installing the zipper, first understand the structure of the zipper:

In different leather shapes, the zipper installation method is similar, but in general, the most used is the semi-open zipper shown below. Closed zippers are mostly used in pockets. Because it is closed, some lazy people can directly avoid the installation of the upper and lower stops. The open zipper is generally less versatile because it is not strong and can be easily damaged.


For the installation tutorial, take the most comprehensive full-open zipper as an example.

First, the length of the upper zipper part is measured, and the zipper cloth is cut according to the measurement result plus a length of 1 cm. When cutting, separate the zipper cloth and cut it with a wallpaper knife. It is not recommended to use scissors, not only the injured but also the knife. Use a sharp-nose pliers to cut off the three teeth from the top and bottom and the two sides. 

Each tooth is cut separately, and you don't hurt the zipper cloth, and you can't harden it to prevent the zipper cloth from being deformed. After cutting off, use a lighter to lightly burn the edges. The zipper cloth is said to be a cloth. In fact, most of them are synthetic polyester. If it is slightly heated, it will melt and melt. When it is rubbed, it can solve the burr effect and prevent off-line. 

After the cut, start installing the accessories and prepare the zipper parts. They are "zipper head", "stop" and "bottom stop". Install a top stop with a flat nose pliers. At this time, the zipper teeth are interlaced. In order to ensure the symmetry of the upper mounting, it is necessary to align the zipper teeth on one side and a sawtooth position on the other side. 

After the top stop is completed, the zipper head can be installed. The point is: the downwardly aligned zipper teeth need to be in the right position, and more or less one will make the zipper as a whole uncoordinated. The general assembly method is to put the zipper cloth into the outer eight characters, then hold the two bottom ends, and put the zipper head along. 

If the order is incorrect during installation, exit to reload. Then install the bottom stop. Due to the reservation before the zipper cloth, we need to compare it to the leather goods, to see the actual range of zipper teeth that can be exposed, and to locate at the final point. After the length of 6 tooth positions is reserved according to the positioning point, it will be redundant. The teeth are cut off and the installation begins. The bottom stop shape is similar to the two glued top stops, which can directly block the sliding zipper head. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm the precise length of the zipper cloth after the installation is stopped. It is also clamped with a pliers and a zipper is installed.