How to choose tissue box?

- Dec 25, 2018-

Dark Brown PU Leather Tissue Holder.jpg

Choose according to gender. For men's business cars, it is best not to choose a color tissue holder  that is too fancy, don't look at a small piece of jewelry, but will greatly discount your taste. It is covered with lace and printed with simple flowers. The rustic style toilet roll holder  is more suitable for women. It is simple and elegant. The woolen material is inlaid with a metal ring and the diamonds are elegantly decorated. The black and brown styles are more suitable for male friends.


Material selection: When choosing personalization, you should choose a convenient tissue box that is easy to use, which is a hard, non-soft and unsupported soft tissue box. This makes it easier to pump while the vehicle is in motion.


Quality choice: In order not to affect the appearance, when choosing a toilet paper holder , especially leather, you should observe the durability of the leather itself to see if there is peeling. If it is a silk cloth, you should observe whether the bound flowers are falling off.


The choice of odor: the general high-quality tissue box is airless and odorless. When the new product is opened, there will be a slight odor, which may be the smell of the package itself. It can be lightened or disappeared after being placed for a few minutes. Inferior products have a large smell, and the inside of the tissue box has an unpleasant rubbery taste, which lasts for a long time and has a mildewy taste.