how to clean leather passport holder?

- Dec 07, 2018-

PU Leather Passport Holder For Travel

- Be careful not to rub the leather passport holder with a rough surface or a passport holder, especially leather trim.

- Keep the passport holder  dry and keep it away from direct heat sources (away from the radiator and avoid leaving the bag in the compartment during the summer).

- When cleaning, use a soft, damp cloth dampened with soapy water to clean the canvas. Avoid contact with the leather part. Do not use cleaning fluid.

- Avoid contact with liquid covers such as hand creams, hand sanitizers, cosmetics and perfumes.

- When not in use, store the passport cover in the cotton bag that came with the purchase. Do not store your passport holder in a hot, humid or unventilated area.

Natural cowhide:

The trim of the passport cover is made of natural cowhide and the outer layer of leather is made of vegetable tanned leather. There will be some natural marks and unevenness in the leather. This kind of leather is especially difficult to pull, and the leather will show a charming luster over time.

- Avoid contact with the passport cover and moisture as moisture may cause the passport cover to become dirty.

- Untouched hands (such as hand sanitizer, hand cream, moisture, perfume, etc.) May cause damage to the passport case if it comes into contact with natural cowhide.

- If you accidentally wet your passport cover, use a light, lint-free absorbent cloth to dry it. Do not use cleaning fluid. The more luster on the leather, the less sensitive the leather is.