How to distinguish real & fake leather product

- May 20, 2019-

The most popular leather products in the market are leather and artificial leather two categories, and synthetic leather and artificial leather are made of textile cloth or non-woven cloth base, respectively with polyurethane coating and special foaming treatment, the surface feels like leather, but air permeability, wear resistance, cold resistance are not as good as leather. How to distinguish real and fake leather products?

1. Leather surface: the natural leather surface has its own special natural pattern, and the leather surface has natural luster. When you press or knead the leather surface with your hands, there is no dead wrinkle or dead fold on the leather surface, and there is no crack; And the leather face of artificial leather resembles natural leather very much, but look carefully decorative pattern is not natural, burnish is brighter than natural leather, color is more bright.

2. Leather body: the natural leather feels soft and tough, while the imitation leather products are soft but not tough enough, and the leather body becomes hard in cold weather.When flexing the body by hand, the natural leather will have a natural curve with better elasticity, while the imitation leather products will have a stiff curve movement with poor elasticity.

3. Incisions: the incisions of natural leather have the same color, and the fibers are clearly visible and fine. And the cut of fake leather product does not have natural leather fiber feeling, or the fiber that sees bottom and colophony, or see from cut place bottom cloth and colophony glue two levels.

4. Inside leather: the front side of natural leather is smooth with pores and patterns.The reverse side of leather has apparent fiber bundle, show wool shape and even.The front and back of imitation leather products in part of the synthetic leather are consistent, outside the luster is good, also very smooth; The front and back of some artificial leather are not the same, the backgroud cloth can be seen obviously; But also the inside surface of some fake leather  imitates the natural leather, the leather inside also has the hair which resembles the natural leather, this must observe the true and false difference carefully.

Most of our products including leather portfolio, leather wallet, travel passport holder, leather journal can be made from nature leather or imitation leather. The material can be customized as clients' needs.