How to identify true and fake leather?

- Nov 22, 2018-

The following is a detailed description of the different characteristics of several types of leather, so that everyone can better identify.


The cow's leather has small pores, round shape, even and tight distribution. The leather surface is bright and smooth, the texture is full and delicate, the appearance is flat and soft, and the touch texture is firm and elastic. When picking, if you squeeze the leather surface hard, there are small folds. Leather products made with cowhide, if you don't look carefully, you can hardly see the blink of an eye. At the same time, because the cowhide is thicker, it is very crisp.


The leather surface of the sheep is oblate, the pores are clear, and a few are grouped together and arranged in a fish scale. Leather products made from sheepskin, the leather is fine and soft, but the surface is shiny, but not as bright as the cow products, the skin is pressed hard, and the wrinkles are obvious. Sheepskin products are comfortable to wear.

Pig skin

The pores of the pig leather are round and thick, and the three are arranged in a group and arranged in a triangle. Each group is far apart, and the leather surface is uneven. Even after polishing, it is identifiable. The leather surface is rougher than cowhide and feels hard.

Horse skin

The rough looking horse skin is somewhat similar to the leather, and the appearance is smooth and delicate. However, careful observation, the horse's light is not as bright as cowhide, the color is dim, the pores are oval, and the leather surface is loose and soft. Compared with sheepskin, horseskin is closer to sheepskin. The thickness of the leather surface and the size of the eye are quite similar to those of the sheepskin. The key to distinguishing is that the horseskin leather is harder than the sheepskin, the hand feel is not good, and the leather surface is uneven. Squeeze the leather surface without pleating. Horse skin wears for a long time and is easy to break.

Artificial leather
Also known as the letter imitation leather. Due to the current use of polyurethane leather synthetic leather made of imitation leather products, the appearance is close to the left side of the leather, even to the extent of "chaotic". This requires more careful identification and selection. Generally speaking, imitation leather is processed by applying chemical raw materials to fabrics. Imitation leather, the appearance, feel like cowhide imitation sheepskin, appearance, feel like sheepskin, leather surface gloss. But look at the leather surface without pores, the bottom plate is not animal skin. Squeeze hard, the leather surface will not wrinkle. It can still be distinguished from animal skin, but there are also microporous film artificial leather. In this case, the backing material can still be judged. Some lawless elements use fake leather products to pretend to be sold in leather products. In order not to be seen by others, a layer of miscellaneous skin is often attached to the edge of the imitation leather product interface, and the leather at the interface is a sandwich. Consumers should pay attention to distinguish when purchasing, so as not to be fooled.

All of the above leathers are suitable for a variety of products, such as Leather folders, Leather wallets, Leather notebooks, etc.