how to make leather card case?

- Dec 17, 2018-

PU Leather Card Case.jpg

Leather card case making is the most basic tutorial for beginners practicing skills, and it is also a great gift for Father's Day or boyfriend's birthday. This is a common design, but I made some modifications to it so that I can cut multiple lines at once and use as little mens wallet as possible, up to 14 cards!~

Material tool: Italian tan (Dakota), stud seal: 4mm.

Credit card holder First design the drawings on the cardboard and cut them off.

Place the template on the leather and cut it according to the pattern.

Cut the finished leather shape.

The edge is chamfered.

Apply a smoothing agent.

Apply along the edges.


Mark the part where the stud buckle is to be installed.

Then punch holes.

Take out the copper stud buckle.

Fix the left and right sides and the bottom to make a bag effect.

Put in a business card.

The simple male card case is finished~