How to make leather notebook?

- Dec 04, 2018-

Print Busniess A5 PU Leather Notebook

Step 1:

Leather notebook  the size of the cover is measured, and the vertical line is used to fix the loose leaf. Note that the width of the book is the diameter of the loose-leaf ring + the width of the paper + the amount of the margin.

That is to say, the loose leaf is first clipped on the paper, and after the paper is flattened, the width of the folded leather is left.

I am doing a small book of a6.

Step 2:

The punch punched, and the madness began to polish the leather from coarse to fine grinding. I used the shovel, then the sandpaper and then the fine sanding rod.

Step 3:

Cut the four corners and grind them round leather journal they are polished.

Step 4:

Cut another piece of leather to make the inner surface of the back skin. On the one hand, for thickening, on the other hand, you can put things on the other hand. I use the suede pigskin. It is very soft and not very thick.

Make decorative lines on the cover surface, of course, you can also do it.

Step 5:

Feel the decorative line under the seam

Cut the suede pigskin to make a dark buckle and set the four-button.

First use white latex to stick the cover and the inside on the edge, and insert the dark buckle

That's how it sticks, so when you slot and shovel, you won't go wrong inside or outside.

I squeezed the latex and applied it by hand so that it is not easy to seep.

Step 6:

Then i draw the line to dig the groove. I don’t want to stop the groove. I use the 2+mm cowhide, so the thickness can be used. When you dig the groove, you can work harder. Remember to be smooth, just go outside and nail it. The shovel turned off the tragedy on the ground...

Step 7:

The front page is not the same as the back, and it doesn't matter if you look at it. Just look at your preferences. What i did before was to pull it.

Step 8:

Then it is to polish the margins, to be smoothed.

Lay the latex with your hand, just a little bit, let it flatten

Then seal the edge liquid and use a wooden hammer to polish it back when it is half dry.

On the loose leaf, feel  leather diary