How to quickly restore normal life and work after Covid-19

- Jun 28, 2020-

Facing the imminent resumption of work, I think maybe we can do some such preparations to help us better adapt to the new working condition:

  1. Having metal adjustment including sleeping and rest 

  2. We should pay less attention to the news related to the epidemic and only pay attention to the information from official channels, also block and ignore the information from other channels. We should learn the correct knowledge related to the epidemic and self-protection measures through the information from official channels, and take basic protection measures.

  3. Familiarize with the job in advance. For things that are not familiar with, our natural anxiety will be careful, may in this month for your work of the time some people have a little rusty, so before work or the first few days spend more time in the review content, work related knowledge, process information, requirements, specifications, etc which can help us more calm response to the next work, avoid temporary short circuit caused by the anxiety, and also can help us to return to normal work faster and help us to get more control of life. Eg. Le Young are in the line of leather products, we will familarize ourself with the new product, such as 2020 leather planner, leather padfolio etc.  

  4. Be aware of yourself and calm your emotions. It is recommended that you keep a daily emotional log to help you become more aware of your emotions by recording events, emotions, and effects. Considering this, we suggest people buy a journal or diary to review your daily emotion.