How to write a travel journal

- Jan 25, 2019-

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Travel can grow new experiences and see more and more exciting worlds. Writing a travel diary not only helps to keep your memory of your experience, but also helps to enrich your travels at the moment.

Buy a light and durable hardcover notebook. The binding is strong, easy to write and sketch, and the size can be carried into the notebook in the bag. Paper is best not acidic, ensuring that your writing and sketches last for many years.

Buy colored pens, pencils, watercolors and highlighters. In addition to writing, there should also be tools for sketching, coloring your travels.

Buy some glue sticks and tape. When you paste photos, postcards, and other materials on your travel diary, you need some kind of adhesive to attach them. Glue sticks are great because they are easy to carry. You can also use decorative tape to fix the color pages of tourist souvenirs, which is very suitable for travel, because it has a variety of colors and patterns.

Scissors and ruler. You may want to cut some of the material in the magazine as an introduction, or use a ruler to help you draw a straight line. Craft scissors have decorative edges, such as scalloped or zigzag, which give your travel notes a more unique look.

Find an extensible folder. On the go, you may collect a variety of materials to polish your travels, but you may not want to spend time putting them together. In order to keep the organization and prevent any items from being lost, you need a clear, extensible envelope-style folder to collect all your souvenirs.

Print out the map of the destination. You can find a variety of old-fashioned maps online and choose a favorite post on your travel page. You may need to zoom out to fit the size of your notebook, especially if you are traveling in multiple countries, you can print a black and white picture, then use a marker and a highlighter to indicate where you are going.

Write while swimming. In order for your diary to truly record your travel mood, it is best to take notes when you travel, because it is difficult to remember important details after the trip. The goal is to take notes a few times a day and write down the activities, attractions and experiences you immediately think of. Remember the date of each entry so you can remember the schedule of the itinerary.

Decide who you want to show your travels. In most cases, travel diaries are some interesting and exciting experiences. You may plan to show your family and friends so you can share experiences or get new ideas. According to the display object, help you find the right style and tone.

Find the topic. Think about all the things you see and do on a certain day and see if there is a recurring theme that can help you shape your travels. If you are having trouble identifying the subject of an entry, ask yourself some basic questions, such as "What makes me smile today?" "What surprised me today?" or "What have I learned today?" Write down the answer and you may see a topic appearing.

Describe people. You may encounter a lot of interesting people on the road, so be sure to keep them in your travels. Whether it's a travel companion or a taxi driver – think about how they look, how they talk, and most importantly, how they make you feel.

Take a photo. If there are no photos to help you remember what you see and do, travel is incomplete. Digital cameras make it easier for you to ensure high quality photos, because you can delete photos that you don't like. Combine iconic photos with informal portraits to diversify your travels.

Add some sketches. While photos are great for shooting what you see or do on the go, painting some landscapes can actually help you focus on the details you missed. Whether you are a great artist, a simple map with colored pencils, pens, watercolors, or a bunch of flowers near your residence, as long as this picture can help you remember the details of travel, it is worth it.