Is it necessary to have a travel wallet

- Apr 30, 2019-

What do you usually take when you travel abroad?

Because often go abroad,  commonly a bag with one small suitcase are enough. All sorts of daily things in the bag and data of exit and entry, suitcase is mixed on outfit wash gargle appliance, put as good as possible, pack lightly as far as possible. Essential wallet (money card and id card), passport, visa, itinerary, air ticket, map, medicine, power supply, tablet, paper towel, pen, chewing gum, charger, umbrella are put in the bag. 

Here we share a small experience with most people: passport, money, visa, card, air ticket and id card these important items, do not put in the bag or wallet, this is convenient, but if get lost, it will be a great loss.  This kind of taste I know which will  destroy the whole trip and make it very sad. It is suggested that you keep your money, card and id card in your wallet, and put your visa, entry and exit information and passport in your bag. Passport is easy to be worn out and broken because it is often used for going abroad (plane, hotel, shopping). Please keep it carefully. 

Those who have used it should know that the passport cover has a simple style (only the passport is kept), the size and thickness of the appropriate kind (Chinese passport standard size: 12.5 9.0 cm), generally can store the passport and boarding pass.There are also multi-functional utility models, there are card, passport, ticket, cash, and some will be added to the coin pocket. As for what kind of travel wallet to buy, it depends on your needs. Both leather and faux leather can be used to make leather travel wallet.