Leather development advantage

- Oct 12, 2018-

Prevailing trends. Europe has always been the source of prevalence, and it is in charge of the highest point of prevailing speech! They have a mature set of prevailing prediction, introduction, and promotion mechanisms, and they are constantly planning one and another popular explosion points. The designers of China in the beginning of the year have also begun to care about the trend, but the phenomenon of only paying attention to the trend is not yet possible.

Product design. Break through with originality and land with commercial. China has well-known ancient civilizations such as Datang Shengshi and Kanggan Shengshi, but our shoe and bag industry is different from the traditional traditional creation industry. It has more prevailing attributes of consumer goods, because with this attribute, it can pass The design keeps refreshing the way into a new world. The design is the most important if it is original energy, and it needs to be implemented with commercial and marketing powers. Finally, it is recognized, cherished and purchased by the sellers!

Rebranding. WeChat public slogan "There are only small individuals, but also have their own brand!" Still full of footnotes, the future will still be the form of no brand and no survival, in the future, only the brand will be remembered, even if it is leather The material supplier also needs to think about the customer's point of view, and what kind of raw materials should be developed to help his brand complete the differentiation!