Leather folder making method

- Jan 23, 2019-

Thin Closure PU Leather Document Holder.jpgDIY simple and practical manual leather folder production tools and materials to be prepared:

Leather edge oil, rubber gloves, cutting board, rubber hammer, hand sewing needle, mercury pen & cleaning pen, ruler, spacing gauge, groover, chamfering machine, knife, diamond, wax, vegetable tanned leather.

Handmade cowhide folder making steps:

1 Simply draw a sketch, or want to be simple. It has always been considered that the simplicity is more representative of the beautiful leather and delicate handwork.

2 selected this leather: imported vegetable tanned skin, 1.5mm thick, good quality.

3 Consider the proportion of each part and do a good job in the first edition.

4 turned the official version, typesetting, rough cut.

5 Because this folder will be used for formal occasions, black is used to show solemnity. . . This is the first color.

6 Use a groover to remove a thin groove on the leather surface, and suture it in the groove in the future.

7 edge picker, the edge of the leather is removed from a small bevel of 45 degrees. In this way, the leather edge after polishing will be full and smooth.

8 In the position to be bent, use the slotting device to open a U-shaped groove, and the folded leather will have a beautiful curve. . . This is the inside of the skin. The first time I first used cyan to make a base.

9 The invisible effort is the true inner quality. . . In the position where the flap is folded, I do my best – in order to make the flap have a beautiful arc when it is closed; it has a comfortable elasticity and feel when it is opened, and after grooving, it is thinned with a small plane. Try the best thickness repeatedly. Unfortunately, I can't put a video here, or I really want everyone to see the elegant rhythm of the flap when it opens. . . I am really proud of the fake high-end goods. . . I despise those fake high-ends.

10 The back side of the position to be stitched, the thin edge is thinned with a thinner, and the stitching will be smooth after sewing. (That's not the kind of thing to cut the heel, the US super-thinner is also.)

11 This step is very important, punching. Whether the thread can be sewn beautifully is quite related to the quality of the punch. After punching, I went up again twice, and the sky was already dark. Didn't take another photo. It is estimated that it will be completed tomorrow. . .

12 State before suturing: Fix the color after dyeing, and treat the meat surface layer with CMC to make the inside smooth and flat.

After 13th, I applied a layer of wax emulsion, mainly to protect the leather surface during the production process.

14 finally started sewing. In the end, I decided to use the white pure hemp wax line: First, I want to add some stylized feelings in the solemnity; secondly, this type of stitch has a strong decorative feeling and should be highlighted.

15 stitching is complete. . . (Do not scream first, please leave the applause to the end). There is still a long way to go before the final result.

16 This treatment is done on the leather side - it is repeatedly sanded with different thickness of sandpaper until the leather edge is smooth and flat.

17 epithelial oil. I chose black matt oil. This is a fine work, anxious. Be sure to listen to the song, be patient, pretend to be happy. Finish the first time. . . The second time. . . The third time. . . The fourth time. almost. (The song in the blog has been kept.)

18th fifth time. After that, polish and polish with the two tools on the map. . . . . The dark purple is something I really like - black rosewood, soft to the touch, and the amount is suitable. To this extent, I am already satisfied. I don't like the rounded side, it looks very irrational. Like a nouveau riche, not elegant. Next, do the final finishing.

19 simple shape, one sentence: too perfect!