Leather handle care

- Jan 08, 2019-

Faux Leather Bill Folder.jpg

Daily care of leather bill folder . As we all know, leather is usually referred to as animal skin treated by physical and chemical means. Common animal skins are: cattle, horses, sheep (subdivided into sheep and goats), pigs; rare, crocodile skin, lizard skin, ostrich skin, pearl fish skin, springbok skin and so on. According to different treatment methods, there are two kinds of vegetable tannins and chrome tanning. The most commonly used skin in the PDA is the vegetable tanned cowhide, such as ff and TN, which everyone knows. Many models of ff use embossed vegetable faux leather bill folder , Chameleon is embossed by lizards, and osterley is crocodile embossed. TN is a translucent vegetable tanned leather. Many Taobao-like tns use crazy horse skin (although it is called crazy horse skin, but it is actually cowhide, it is simply a misrepresentative representative!). Since most of the hand skins are made of vegetable tanned cowhide, then we will focus on the daily care of vegetable tanned leather. First, we need to know why we have to do daily care. The leather handbook usually has the advantages of good hand feeling and high strength, but at the same time it is often expensive (so we can hear the sound of blood in the heart), and because it is animal leather, it may appear. Moldy, blasting, etc. A well-kept leather handbook can often accompany us for decades. It will record the growth of our growth with the words we write every day (is it beautiful! Yes!). Ok, now we are starting to get to the point and talk about the maintenance problem: First, the ash of the day. For a long time, there is no book, it may be dusty on the top, and it is recommended to use a soft brush to gently brush off the dust. Remember, it must be a brush, not a wipe, not a hand! Because the leather itself has pores, if it is directly rubbed by hand, it may be possible to wipe the dust and the grease on the hand into the hole, and then it will be even more unclean. Second, the maintenance of the gloss of the leather. The leather book tends to feel very comfortable to touch (forgive my poor vocabulary, anyway, it feels smooth and cool), and at the same time, under the light, the natural reflection of leather can often be seen, because the leather itself Rich in oil and fat. The oil content of a piece of skin itself is also an important criterion for measuring the quality of a piece of skin. In order to maintain the feel of this stick, and also to prevent the grease from appearing too much, we need to protect the leather. Most leather garments and purses, the salesperson will also recommend regular oiling. There are many choices of oil. Most of my friends around me use oyster sauce because of their excellent absorption speed and protection characteristics. It is enough to apply oil once a week. I am lazy, usually once a month. Don't use too much each time, just apply it evenly. Third, it is wet by water. If there is only a small amount of water, such as water droplets splashing, then you can ignore it, let him go. But if it is unfortunate that the whole glass of water is splashed up, then you need to immediately, immediately, to dry the water, and then put it in a cool and ventilated place, remember, do not put it in the sun. Go dry! Otherwise, you will receive a hard handkerchief. If you are more unfortunate, you are pouring a glass of juice, then the first step is still to find something to drain the water, then use a semi-dry cotton cloth, slowly wipe it clean, and then silently put it in a cool and ventilated place Go to the shade. The most unfortunate thing is that the book you are getting wet is the vegetable of the primary color, then things are more complicated.