Life is like a diary

- Jan 30, 2019-

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Life is a book,


An endless diary.

Death is just a turn, not the end


Once upon a time, the daughter of the Tibetan king Akamatsu Dezan, White Marseille, suddenly died when he was 17 years old, and the Tibetan king was in pain. Lianhuasheng Daxi said to the Tibetan king: "Death is cruel, but death is not the end of everything, but the soul has left the body... The body is destined to disappear, but the soul will surely continue, and once it surpasses life and death, life will Meaning."


I think the words of the Lotus Master are very worthy of consideration. In life, sometimes a teacher's sentence or a class will give us a lot of inspiration, and the fate of a lifetime and even many students can be changed.

Once you have finished writing, change it.


There is always a basis for understanding in the scientific community.


A famous scientist named John Aikeles, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1963, has explored brain neurology for a lifetime, and has written many books during this period, such as "Self and its Brain". For reality, and so on. You may wish to take a look at these books, which are all very good works. According to John Eckers, there is a "I" in thought and knowledge in the human body. It controls the brain like a human brain. This immaterial "know me", after the death of the body, still exists and can live forever.


Therefore, in addition to the body, there is a mind that exists independently, and it does not perish as the body disappears.

It was very realistic at the time, and it was empty afterwards.


In addition, the American biologist Robert Lanza in the book "Biocentrism" uses five kinds of evidence to prove the eternal existence of life, pointing out that "life does not end with the death of the body."


Robert Lanza also gave an example. When Einstein learned that his old friend Besso died, he wrote to Besso's family: "Beso is now one step ahead of me and left this strange world. But this It doesn't mean anything. For those of us who believe in physics, the difference between the past, the present and the future is nothing more than an illusion, even though this illusion is sometimes stubborn." In this regard, Lanza commented: “The new evidence continues to show that Einstein is right – death is just an illusion.”


In this case, life will not end with death. For us, this is actually good news.

Don't panic, there is always a new diary


Many people are very afraid of death now. They think that when people die, they will be wiped out, so they will save money when they are alive. I don't know how Canadians are. Many people in China like to save money. As a result, death has come, money has not been spent, life has already been spent, and it can only be left in a state of sadness and regret. And they have the money of the bank, but they can't take it out, because the family doesn't know the password and can't find the bank card. In the end, the bank may be the most happy.


In short, people do exist in later generations, and there is a lot of evidence in this regard.

Today, you forgot the old diary


Someone asked: "If the past life exists, why can't I remember it?" On the one hand, remembering does not mean that it does not exist. On the other hand, there are reasons for not remembering it.


For example, for many dark matter in the world, people are still in an unknown state, but it does not mean that they do not exist; underground treasures, people do not see it, nor does it mean that it does not exist; for example, the inner potential of each person - music Many people do not know about the ability to draw, mathematics, and physics, but it is still there. Therefore, remembering past lives and not knowing past lives does not mean that past lives did not exist.


On the other hand, there is a reason to remember the past life. This is described in the Buddhist scriptures: When people's minds enter the mother's womb, they faint, forming a kind of fetal disorder, which leads to the loss of memory, just like entering the basement, many Information cannot be delivered the same.

Not everyone, just as forgetful as you


However, some people can remember past lives, especially when they are children, this memory is very clear. Such an example, both in ancient and modern times, in people with or without faith, has always appeared. I have also been exposed to many people who can recall past lives.


Therefore, if you do not recognize past lives, then you must first overturn a large number of cases recalling past lives, and this is impossible, because no one can subvert the facts.

Reading these diaries, life makes sense


In short, there is no doubt that human life continues from the beginning to the present, and it will continue to flow until it is released. I hope that everyone can use wisdom to explore the mysteries in this area. It is very necessary.


Including Buddhists themselves, they also need to constantly learn the truth of the past and the world. Although there are rich teachings in Buddhism for the past and the world, it is still difficult to make a solution if you do not study hard. For example, some Buddhists, others asked him if he had a world, he answered "Yes", and then asked why, he was speechless, because he never thought carefully, and his heart was blurred. It is not a scientific attitude that it is not a study to lead a solution, but a parrot.

I would like to ask: There is a book of psychotherapy that some people are afraid of water. This is a memory that originated from previous lives. Maybe his past life was drowned. Is this the case?


Sodaji Khanbu: People's inner problems have different causes, some are related to past lives, some are not necessarily.


A teacher from the University of Toronto yesterday told a story about his student. This student can clearly remember that his former life was a Tanzanian and a black man before he was three years old. He participated in World War II and interrupted the bombing of enemy planes. He will suddenly fear when he sees similar scenes in this world. His fear is indeed caused by previous experiences. However, not all psychological fears are the same as his situation.


Therefore, some people are afraid of water, which may be related to past lives, or may be caused by immediate causes.


Excuse me: Is the total number of sentient beings in the reincarnation unlimited? Is there a new conscious body? When did the sentient beings start to reincarnate? When will the cycle end?


Sodaji Khanbu: On this issue, there are two views in Buddhism that are not common and common. I don’t talk about it for the time being.


According to a common point of view, there are boundless beings in the reincarnation. Every sentient being is flowing without a beginning, and there is no new life. All beings and even before they are freed, they will continue to reincarnate in the cycle; if individual sentient beings get acquainted, then his personal reincarnation will be over.