Maintenance car leather paper towel holder

- Oct 12, 2018-

Neutral or weakly acidic cleaners are used in the cleaning process. The residue is free from harmful gases and automatically evaporates in a few seconds. It is safe and environmentally friendly and will not cause any harm to the human body. Seat: The seat is the interior part that is most exposed and most easily soiled by the owner. Therefore, for the maintenance of the seat, the first is the cloth seat cover on the seat cover, and a set is provided, which can be replaced at any time. The second is to try to avoid food or liquid spilling over the seat, especially alcohol or fragrance items. Once stained, if it is not cleaned for more than 12 hours, these stains are difficult to remove.

Try to avoid scratching the leather surface with metal objects. The fourth is to regularly clean and maintain with leather detergent and maintenance agent to prevent aging, discoloration and cracking of leather. Expert advice: every six months need to care for the leather accessories in the car. Velvet: When the local cashmere is dirty, it is very difficult to clean because it cannot be removed from the car.