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- Jan 17, 2019-

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The difference between  loose leaf notebook  and ordinary notebook is mainly divided into the following categories:

1. The leather loose leaf notebook  has a binder that is fixed and strong and can be repeatedly turned over. The ordinary notebook is mostly a plastic book or a line book, which will fall off after repeated turning.

2. The leather loose leaf notebook  can tear one page at a time, and the ordinary notebook may tear down a page and may destroy the structure and use of the whole book.

3, loose-leaf notebook is flexible, can be arbitrarily disassembled, replaced, combined with paper, can meet the user's DIY preferences, and ordinary notebook can not replace the paper.

Advantages and disadvantages editing


1. The loose-leaf book is strong and reliable, and can be repeatedly turned over. [2]

2. The loose-leaf book can be used to tear down one page.

3. The loose-leaf book is flexible and can meet the user's DIY preferences.

4, loose-leaf styles are rich and varied, to meet the aesthetic needs and use needs of different users.

5, loose-leaf books can be customized in large quantities, printing corporate LOGO, advertising for the company.

6, loose-leaf book is more environmentally friendly. The jacket can be used for a long time, only the inner core can be replaced.


A raised binder can prevent writing when the paper is turned to the left.

For users who like loose-leaf pages, loose-leaf pages are almost perfect, with no drawbacks.