Purse picking

- Feb 28, 2019-

Minimalist Men Wallet Cowhide Leather.jpg

As the name implies, the wallet is a bag for renminbi. For men, the wallet is a symbol of identity and status, but for the girls who are born with our own control, the wallet can be nice and versatile, and their wallets are more Like a symbol of the trend~

But then again, although the bag looks good enough, but paying attention to its practicality is also a blessing and no harm. After all, the RMB that has been spent is also hard earned by yourself.

In fact, the selection of the wallet is quite easy, just look at a few small details: material, style, color and workmanship details, you can harvest a collection of face value and practical use of the favorite wallet!

Look at the material

We all know that material is the most important part of a wallet. The opening and closing times of the wallet are relatively high, so it is easy to be damaged than the big bag. If the selected material is inferior, after a period of use, the leather may break. !

The most common wallet material is canvas and leather. The cloth is not waterproof and the hand feel is not good, so we can choose leather material. All leather materials are made of cowhide and sheepskin. This wallet is soft and durable. Beautiful!

Look at the style

When the little fairies look at the style, they may be stricter than the materials. The styles of the wallets are roughly divided into long and short models, but many people don’t know whether it’s good for long or short, then I will answer This question~

In fact, the long wallet is large in size, it is very space-consuming and not easy to carry, but it has more card slots, so it is suitable for small fairies with more bank cards, while the short ones are exquisite and compact, easy to carry, and its card position will be better than The length of a long wallet is three to four, which is generally sufficient, so you can choose according to your needs.

Look at the color

The color of the wallet is also an important place. In the face of colorful colors, it really makes people "choose phobia". In fact, many sisters don't know. If this color is chosen ingeniously, it can be the crowning touch in the dress. ~

For example, if you usually wear clothes that are dim, then you can choose a bright wallet to add some liveliness to your dull clothes. Conservative sisters can still choose black and white, which is classic and never Outdated colors.

Look at the details

As the saying goes, "details determine success or failure", this sentence still applies in the current information age. Now the most common phenomenon in society is that the more high-quality products, the more refined the work, but some defective products, imitations, very In the details, "show your feet"!

The most important detail of the wallet is nothing more than the oil side. The quality of the wallet should be smooth and full, and the stitched line should be even and dense. There will be no twists and turns. Generally, the wallet with zipper and metal decoration is used. The texture of the hardware is also very smooth, without the rough feel!