Reflections on the post-Covid 19 Era

- Jun 19, 2020-

With the gradual improvement of the "epidemic situation", we are about to usher in the "post-COVID 19 period". On the one hand, the epidemic has brought a huge impact on our society. On the other hand, it also changes many fields.In the post-epidemic era, we need to think about it. This sudden epidemic has also made us re-adapt to our society and rethink our own way of life. 

During the most intense period of the epidemic, we "obediently" shut ourselves and our families at home, entertained ourselves, followed the epidemic situation, and cheered for front-line personnel. Now it seems that the epidemic has made us cherish the time we spend with our families, cherish our health, and be more grateful to those who are on the front line of COVID 19 prevention.

The COVID 19 has not only changed the ecology of many industries, but also indirectly changed our way of life. Instead of traveling and dining out, people wear masks, but people are closer to each other. Many professions have launched the largest cloud office in history, and teachers and students have started the online course battle together...The sudden change of living habits has made the new way of social communication more diversified. We have more convenient access to the world through the Internet. We have also seen that we can take goods with us through live broadcasting, and we can buy local specialties without leaving home.

When stay at home, if you have a personal leather journal, writing down what you think and feel in this special period is a good idea to help you get through the hard day. We have launched a series of leather journal, any interest, pls contact us for detail.