The characteristic of different types of leather

- May 17, 2019-

According to the level of leather, there are top and second layer leather. The top grain leather includes grain leather, trimmed leather, embossed leather, special effect leather; Two layers of leather and divided into two pig and cattle leather and so on.

Grain leather: full grain leather is on the top of the list of leather because it is made from superior leather with less disability.

Shaved leather: it is to use the machine that grind leather to undertake besmear after the surface is milled gently, press again on corresponding decorative pattern. It's actually a facelift on a natural leather surface that's either disabled or rough.This kind of leather has almost lost its original surface state.

Full grain leather characteristics: soft leather, wrinkle leather, front leather, etc.It is a kind of high-grade leather with clear, fine, compact pores, irregular arrangement, plump and fine surface, elastic and good air permeability.

Characteristics of semi-grain leather: it is processed and polished by the equipment into only half of the grain in the production process, so it is called semi-grain cowhide. Maintained the partial style of natural leather, pore is even show elliptic, arrange irregularly, feel hard, choose the raw material skin with inferior grade commonly. So it's mid-range leather. Due to the particularity of the process, there is no disability or scar on the surface, and the utilization rate is high. The finished products are not easy to be deformed, so they are generally used in large document box products with large area.

When making leather portfolio, leather presention folder or wallets, you can choose the material according to the budget.