The classification of notepads

- Jan 04, 2019-

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What are the classifications of our office leather-organizer? How is the classification of Notepad divided? The classification of the notebook is: 1, paperback notebook, 2, loose-leaf notebook, 3, coil notepad, 4, straps (handbook). So what is the difference between them?

The p leather planner is not removable, and each inner page is closely connected. Paperback Notepad is the most commonly used stationery notebook book in our daily work, which is convenient and fashionable. The production method of paperback notebook: the core book and the insert book. Appearance: metal three discounts, buckles and so on. The common size of paperback notepad: A6\A5\A4\B5, etc. A5 is its common size, which is the most common one. Its inner core size is 142*209MM.

The loose-leaf n leather planner can be disassembled for each piece of the inner page. After we finish writing, we can replace the inner core. The general size of the loose-leaf notebook is 5 inches, seven inches, and 8.5 inches. The 8.5-inch core is A5, so it is also commonly referred to as the A5 loose-leaf notebook. The prominent feature of the loose-leaf notebook is that it has a binder. The binder has three holes, four holes, six holes, nine holes, etc. This is common to us. Six holes are the most commonly used. The appearance of the loose-leaf notebook is: magnetic buckle, buckle, tri-fold, etc.

The coil notepad is somewhat similar to the loose-leaf notebook, which is different from the loose-leaf book in that it is difficult to disassemble the core. The outer ring of the coil can be made of wire or plastic at a lower cost.

The strap (the account book) is a core of the notepad that has a tie and can be disassembled. This is not what we use long.