The difference between artificial leather and real leather

- Oct 12, 2018-

Drip test: The obvious water absorption is natural leather, and vice versa may be artificial leather.

Tensile and elastic test: Natural leather has good elasticity and tension, and vice versa is artificial leather.

Feel identification method: Secondly, the leather feel is elastic. When the leather is bent down by 90 degrees, natural wrinkles will appear, and the different parts will be bent, and the thickness of the crease will be different, and there will be obvious unevenness. It is the dermis, because the real leather has a natural uneven fibrous structure, so the wrinkle pattern formed also has obvious unevenness. The synthetic leather feels like plastic, and the recovery is poor. The thickness of the crease is similar when bent.

Odour identification method: Natural leather has a very strong fur smell, even after treatment, the taste is more obvious, while the artificial leather product has a plastic taste and no fur taste.

Combustion identification method: mainly to smell the smell and look at the ash state. When the natural leather burns, it will emit a smell of burnt hair. The burnt ash is generally broken into powder, while the artificial leather is more prosperous after burning. The shrinkage is rapid, and there is a smell of plastic that is hard to smell. It is sticky after burning and will harden into a block after cooling.