The function of luggage tag

- Jul 02, 2020-

Baggage tags, as the name suggests, are often used in airports, public transport, railways, stations and other places where baggage is required to be carried.This brand is made of a variety of materials, with letters, Numbers, codes and other symbols to distinguish some passengers and other storage or collection of things as a certificate.The address board, registration board, label billboard and so on that people often say can be called luggage tag, because it brings people a lot of convenience benefits, now has been widely used in the market.

What are the specific categories of baggage tags? The commonly used materials of luggage tags include PVC and PU, among which PVC is divided into hard and soft PVC, ABS and so on. Le Young industry focus on the development of luggage tags in leather and PU material. 

Luggage tags are no longer used to identify their luggage. In order to improve their image, many enterprises will customize luggage tags of various materials, print company logo on them, leave contact information, and give them to customers as business gifts. If you have any idea about customizing luggage tag, pls feel free to contact us.