The function of the ring binder notebook

- Apr 24, 2019-

Ring Binder is used to secure the paper clip, mainly in the shape of a circle, mostly metal or plastic products, usually by two rivets to fix it on the leather cover. Remove the paper by gently opening the binder. Loose-leaf is a major bright spot and beautiful ring binder is many people's favor. 

Ring binder is divided into a number of holes, mainly according to the size of the notebook to decide how many holes of binder to use.The most common binder is divided into 6 holes, 9 holes, 20 holes, 26 holes and so on. Because of the different texture, the color of the binder is also different, commonly have black plastic binder, silver metal binder, gold metal binder.

The paper of loose-leaf notebook is mainly writing paper, more use of high-quality beige glossy paper and white offset paper. This kind of paper writes smoothly, protects the vision. Paper is more crisp, thick and durable, easy to tear, suitable for study, office, etc. The paper of loose-leaf notebook should be punched with circular holes on one side. According to the number of holes in the binder, the loose-leaf paper with the corresponding number of holes should be used. Users who like DIY can also punch holes by themselves to meet their different needs.

Common sizes of loose leaf notebooks are A5, B5, A4, B6 and so on. Loose-leaf notebooks come in different sizes to meet the needs of different types of users. A small loose-leaf notebook can be carried in a pocket for use, just like a notepad, one of which can be torn out for use. Loose-leaf  notebook style is rich and varied, mainly can be divided into:

1) with or without buckles;

2) with or without a calculator;

3) with or without zippers.