The history of the card clip

- Jan 14, 2019-

Brown PU Leather Name Card Holder.jpg

No matter what kind of work, there is always a process of exchanging business cards. When you take out a clean business card from a beautiful business card holder, the other party has silently affirmed it. Therefore, an exquisite name card holder  holder is the best destination for business cards.

Earlier, the business card was an invitation. If the host wants you to be a guest at home, he can leave a business card as your invited permission when visiting you. Then, if you receive another card, then this card is a real invitation. On the other hand, if you have not received the card, or received the card in the form of an envelope, then you should not ask for fun, and then visit the door. Over time, this kind of invitation has quickly become popular in Europe and the Americas, and even favored by the royal family.

At that time, because the card was large, the owner did not want to lose identity, so the card would be put into a very delicate box, and then the servant at home would send it to the other party. The box is basically made of precious metal, the surface is usually embossed and carved, made of high-grade silk cloth, and emits a burst of aroma. In this way, sending a business card has become a very decent thing.

Compared with Europe, China's early card holder  box materials are more abundant, from metal to sandalwood, rosewood, to rhinoceros and enamel. The carving method is not the same, carving, carving, engraving, setting, a simple box becomes a beautiful craft. What's more, the characters carved on the box and the story of the opera fully demonstrate the history of our nation.