The impact of journaling

- Feb 01, 2019-

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Logging can have a positive impact on your life, making you more interesting and interested over the years. Simple writing actions every day can have a profound and immediate effect on your life. Use your notebook/log/diary to develop yourself and improve the clarity of important things in your life: Record the purpose of life, who you want, what you really want, what do you do? You are the one who can answer these questions. The answer is not written in any other book, only you can write it! In practical everyday use, notebooks can be used to record events, observations, and transactions. Or, think deeply about personal activities, feelings, or daily records. Others use laptops to make them emotionally intimate. You can use it to observe your true feelings, understand your own perceptions of things, and other ideas. Let your "life story" think, learn and benefit, or pass "your tradition" to others to learn a wealth of experience, success and * important mistakes!