The preparation before leather products production

- Aug 23, 2019-

After order placed, the facotry will start preparation for the production. Pls find below what the factory do before mass production:

1. Counting materials: an OEM leather factory will purchase the relative quantity of materials according to the actual order quantity of customers, the more accurate the early material calculation, the less the surplus material left after production, the less the factory inventory and the less the cost waste.The main material to buy is leather, in addition, including lining, paper leather, glue, thread, hardware and other accessories. Generally the factory warehouse has stock of lining cloth, paper cover, glue and thread. The hardware should be purchased or customized according to clients' confirmation. If the customer requires the silk printing logo of lining cloth, it should also be customized.

2. Buying materials: Buying materials also needs knowledge, a good leather factory procurement can help  to buy good quality materials with as little cost as possible. Experienced procurement will find the most appropriate price, quality and size balance, buy the most cost-effective leather from the most suitable supplier. 

3. Die Cutting. After the purchase of materials, the leather factory needs to process whole pieces of leather into leather products. It needs to cut pieces of leather in batches and cut them into pieces of leather widgets, and then the next step of processing can be carried out.

4. Create the copper mold. Many customers are required to press logo, that is, imprinting of company's brand LOGO on the leather product. Logo imprinting is through the pressing machine to achieve. Make a copper mold with the same shape as the logo according to the drawing. After all these preliminary work, the leather factory production process can enter the formal stage.