The process of leather coloring

- Nov 23, 2018-

The process of leather coloring:

1, alcoholic dyes

2, oily dyes

3, resist the process, completely resist, use anti-stain; general anti-pollution, Japan emulsions can reach the midpoint resist pen-based coating.

4, the treatment of fixed color, generally wiped 2-3 times with Japanese lotion, pay attention to tightly capping the bottle during use (if the emulsion is rubbed down there are white traces indicating that the product is too thick, need to be diluted with water according to the amount used). : Selecting the varnish made in Taiwan or the varnish in the domestic automatic painting can achieve a large-area color fixing effect and make the surface of the work shiny.

5, leather maintenance: the more traditional maintenance method is the maintenance oil, the effect of the use of beef foot oil will make the leather deeper, to achieve the rosy feeling of washing time; oyster sauce is a colorless natural maintenance product, it is recommended, good Leather care is all natural, not to choose products such as Bi Lizhu, chemical products will block the pores of leather, accelerate the aging and cracking of leather!

6, the recommendation of the cutting tool: mainly using the utility knife as the most economical recommendation, choose a better art blade.