The propaganda function of tissue box

- Jan 29, 2019-

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The paper box is a daily necessities. You can see its beautiful figure anywhere, car wash shops, hotels, ktv, restaurants, etc. It is obvious that the paper box is really a daily necessities. It is not limited to ordinary boxes, nor is it a traditional umbrella to protect paper from external environmental pollution. It has been given a new meaning, not only to protect paper, but also to become a carton art. It is really a combination of art packaging and art form. So what is the role of the pumping tray? Advertising paper manufacturers Tiger song paper for you to answer!

1. The paper box can protect the paper from the pollution of the external environment, and people can use it at any time.

2, the paper box is also a kind of crafts, can be used for collection, the above pattern is also an art.

3. The important point is that the paper tray is a low-cost and high-reward propaganda method. It has also become the new favorite of major merchants. You can print your company address and phone number on it, and you can add other things you want to add. To promote your own corporate philosophy, so that people can remember their own, identify their own corporate philosophy, in order to achieve market share and expand customer base, improve customer feedback. According to the survey, printing advertisements on the paper trays will not be used as spam by consumers. Instead, consumers particularly like to watch and like to enjoy the text and graphics. It can be seen that the paper box is indeed a new carrier of publicity media.

    4, the paper box can be sent to the customer as a gift, both beautiful and practical.

    Actually, the paper box has such a big publicity role, then what are you waiting for? If you are worried about the turnover, you can consider using the paper box. If you are still in the process of not having repeat customers, you can’t remember the problem. Please consider using the paper tray. The paper tray will take your career to the next level.

  This depends on the use of the product, and the shelf life of the paper is three years. So try to use the cycle within three years.