The role of a leather bookmark

- Jan 28, 2019-

Leather Bookmark With Tassel.jpg

Reading can not change our destiny, but it can change our character; reading can not change the starting point of life, but it can change the end of life, it can enrich our thoughts, improve our understanding of life, enrich our spiritual world. To make us look at real problems more rationally.


     The children make a special bookmark by themselves. Bookmarks are small, powerful, and have special meaning, because this is what our children do by themselves.

      A bookmarked child draws his favorite patterns, some draw birthday cakes, some draw robots, some paint themselves, and the children's love of bookmarks, but also the young children's desire for life. The other side of the bookmark is the mother, taking the "March 8 Women's Day" on the advent, let the children show their love for the mother, willing to be the mother's intimate children, keep the mother in the heart forever, and learn to be a Honoring the good children of the elders.

      Bookmarks are a reminder that bookmarks are a spur. It’s not just a holiday, it’s a happy thing for moms; it’s not just a holiday, it’s the mother’s embarrassment. We must always be filial and grateful forever.

      Bookmarks are both practical and valuable, not only evoking children's desire to love reading, but also stimulating children's love for their mothers, and always alert themselves to be grateful.