The use of a key chain

- Feb 14, 2019-

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The 70-year-old man walked on the highway and was in critical condition. The high-speed police helped the elderly go home, and praised the family's warm heart "keychain." On January 23, the incident occurred near the Longmen Tunnel of Longyan Expressway.

It turned out that on the afternoon of January 23, the Moon Hill squadron of the Longyan Expressway team was on duty at the Longyan Law Enforcement Station. At this time, an enthusiastic driver said that when the Longmen Tunnel was passed, an old man was seen walking on the highway. Subsequently, the police on duty immediately went to the inspection to bring the elderly to a safe area.

Upon inquiry, the police found that the old man was embarrassed and unclear, unable to explain his identity and could not provide his family phone number. In the end, the police passed the warm reminder of the old man "keychain" "please please kindly, help me to call the family", according to the contact phone provided above, successfully contacted the elderly daughter and successfully helped the elderly go home.

It is understood that the elderly have been over seventy years old this year, and often can't remember the road. I didn't expect to find a way home after going out on the same day. "I am very grateful to the police for helping me find the lost mother." In this regard, the police praised the family's warm heart "keychain", but at the same time hope that the family should be optimistic about the elderly, to prevent lost.