The utility of a note holder

- Feb 26, 2019-

Faux Leather Bill Folder.jpg

Cashier work (with but not limited to such work) has many original vouchers to be processed every day. Many orders are easy to be confused on hand, such as paid documents, unpaid orders, reimbursed documents, receipts, and poor signature documents. The account is all the accounting documents, etc. This is the need to classify these documents. At this time, the bill folder  its role.

First, put all kinds of documents on the hand into categories.


According to the classified categories, they are respectively marked on the label paper, for example: the payment is not paid, the signature is poor, the pending processing, the account is all for accounting, the return, the handling fee, etc., according to their own business requirements.


Paste the label paper of the written category on the leather folder   , and then clip the clip with the corresponding certificate.