Tools for leather wallet maintenance

- Jun 20, 2019-

About the topic of wallet maintenance, we have talked a lot, in addition to cherish your wallet in dailyt life, but also pay attention to the regular cleaning wallet, the following can be seen as the cleaning wallet props, see what you know!

1. Cover the leather wallet with egg white for cleaning, which can repair and maintain the wallet;

2. Use cotton swab with essence of wind oil scrub, cleaning effect is good;

3. Use alcohol immersion cleaning, which is also good;

4. Use vinegar to clean the wallet, which can keep the leather color bright and clean the wallet.

5. Go to the store to buy a special leather cleaning agent to clean (I don't think it is necessary, unless it is a very expensive man's wallet brand, general wallet with the previous several methods can achieve the purpose of cleaning and maintenance)

leather wallet