Wallet making materials and technology

- Mar 14, 2019-

Minimalist Men Wallet Cowhide Leather.jpg

The wallet is usually made of the first layer of cowhide. At present, most of the conventional wallets are made of chrome-tanned grain leather. The vintage rough-style wallet generally uses crazy horse skin, and many people who love cowhide crafts use the vegetable grain. Face leather to make your own wallet.

The characteristics of the cowhide are that the leather surface is bright and smooth, the texture is full and delicate, the appearance is flat and soft, and the texture of the hand touch is firm and elastic. In terms of physical properties, the tear resistance of cowhide is very strong and very durable. Therefore, the advantages of cowhide make it the material of choice for making wallets.

The manufacturing process of the wallet is not complicated. The cowhide is cut into a length of about 23 cm long and 9 cm wide, and it is cut into 19 cm long and 8 cm wide for use as an endothelium. The outer skin is slightly thick (about 1.4 mm). Thin (about 0.8mm), the card position is sewn on the endothelium according to the size of the bank card, then the two skins are glued and stitched, and the oil edge is folded. At present, the wallet is generally lined with polyester lining to make the inner smooth and convenient for cash, but there are also naked natural leather fibers, so that the wallet has a natural texture. The modern wallet will also add a photo position on the card to hold the family photo. Due to the characteristics of the wallet, the photo holder is a family-friendly and responsible atmosphere.