What's the Luggage tag

- Dec 13, 2018-

Laggage tag introduction classification

"Luggage tag" (also known as: luggage tag, address card, registration card, information card, luggage card, label plate, billboard). Refers to the sign identifying the baggage and the voucher for the passenger to receive the checked baggage. It is a brand with a number, name, letter, and other signs made of various materials.

Can be used in public places such as airports and railways.

The material of the luggage tag is PVC, PU, ABS, etc., and the pvc material has soft pvc and hard pvc.

Soft PVC: the surface is soft pvc, the back is ABS's luggage tag back frame glued, paper card, transparent film, etc. can be written as information

Put on the luggage tag strap and pack it in a separate OPP bag.

Hard pvc film: made of hard pvc film and transparent film by high-frequency process, the front can be a complicated pattern. It can also be the company's LOGO, or a mini cute cartoon. Hard pvc luggage card soft pvc luggage tag.

PU luggage tag: leather luggage tag, mainly PU material, in silk screen printing, text or embossing.

ABS luggage tag: This type of luggage tag is varied, generally based on the designer's ideas.

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