What affects the Geomancy of wallet

- Sep 23, 2019-

Leather Wallet is our daily necessities which is used to put money or bank CARDS and so on. It is a treasure box of our daily life. There are several factors that affects the geomancy of the wallet. 

1. The color  of wallet

The geomancy is greatly affected by the color of wallet. One should know the basic theory of color to avoid misuse. Different colors have different meaning, though some colors looks fashion and beautiful, it does not fit the traditional theory. 

2. The style of wallet 

Usually a wallet with button closure is better than a zipper one. Long wallet is preferred in  which money can be put flatly without folding. 

3. The shape of wallet 

Wallets are usually rectangular, pls avoid round or irregular ones

4. Do not let others use your wallet

A lot of people give their wallets to other people at random, which is not good.  (e.g. After a dinner party, one person gives his wallet to others to pay the bill, which leads to frequent loss of money.)