What are promotional gifts

- Aug 13, 2020-

What are promotional gifts?

Promotional gifts / promotional items could be described as items used for promotional purposes in marketing and marketing communications, and they usually contain the company logo. It may be fair to estimate that approximately half of such promotional items purchased are accounted for by clothing / wearable goods, writing implements / pens, and calendars in a variety of themes. However, what items can be used is only really limited by the imagination. For example, other promotional items commonly available include: mugs, stress toys,  silverware, crystal / glassware, leather items, mouse mats, umbrellas, badges, diaries, computer related products and much more.

Why use promotional items?

The main features of promotional items could be summarised as follows:

  1. Low relative cost. Other advertising methods can be much more expensive. 

  2. High perceived value. These items are ‘gifts’ – they are perceived as being given free. It’s fair to assume that most people like to receive something free, and also like to receive gifts. The emotional and behavioural responses to receiving such gifts far outweigh the low cost of the items themselves.

  3. Flexibility. The product and product decoration variations are really limited only by budget. The right gift can be produced to appeal to your target market.

Here we mainly forcus on the items made in leather or pu material, including card holder, diaries, file folder ect. They can be in luxury gift for business partner or low cost gift for employee. It can be customized as per you budget. Any idea on leather gift items, pls feel free to contact us.