What are the materials of the notebook?

- Jan 15, 2019-

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As a gift for business gifts, notebooks and notebooks have always been loved by everyone. It is customized with unique special features to make customers' brands spread distinctively, elegantly and distinctively, and to help customers win with high quality and rich expressions. Broader brand benefits and no respect....

    The screening of notebooks and notebooks is even more important. Today, I mainly explain how to distinguish the leather materials of notebook and notebook covers. For some customers, choosing a notebook is really a headache. I want to choose one, which is affordable and reflects the company's brand benefits.

   Mainly from the cover leather analysis, notebook cover book cover leather is divided into two types, one is leather, one is imitation leather (artificial leather). Genuine leather refers to natural leather, which is processed from animal skin. Therefore, the price of natural leather is high, and the loss is too large to be widely used. Imitation leather (artificial leather) is mainly divided into: PU and PVC

 PVC materials are generally used in notebook production, which are generally lower-end products. The cover leather is harder and the hand feel is not as good as PU. It is widely used because of the cheaper material price.

  PU leather is the most common leather material for notebook covers. PU is a synthetic material with a quality feel of leather. It is very durable. After adding microfiber, the toughness, breathability and wear resistance of polyurethane are further strengthened. Such a finished product is quite excellent. PU leather is made by processing the second and third layers of natural leather and the residual leather through a special paper film pressing method. The leather surface is covered with polyurethane PU surface layer, so that the leather surface presents various colors and more The pattern, without losing the advantages of leather breathability and folding resistance, has its own unique features in appearance and waterproof performance. Distinguish from the process. PU softness, wear resistance, better than PVC, the price will not be too expensive.

PU leather mainly has color-changing PU and ordinary PU. The biggest feature of color-changing PU is that the leather will produce a gradient color effect. The color used to customize the SME embossed logo is different from the leather material. The product has a good visual effect. So it is very popular among major companies.

  PU leather is the most popular and most commonly used nowadays. Its price is not high, the quality is good, and there is a big feature, that is, its variety of colors is very large, especially the new color-changing PU in recent years, which is very suitable for this LOGO. Embossing, bronzing, hot silver. It is very suitable for the company as a gift, advertising, and a variety of uses.