What is a card pack?

- Jan 31, 2019-

Slim Faux Leather Card Holder.jpg

There are two types of card holder , one is page turning, just like a book page; the other is rotating. On the material, the leather (animal skin), the simulated leather (pu, pvc) leather is the most common, just like the wallet, it is suitable for carrying.

Modern people's lives, more or less have to deal with cards, such as various IC cards, bank cards, supermarket cards, shopping cards, membership cards. So many cards are not easy to store, prone to confusion, and often bring a lot of unnecessary trouble. The card case  is created to manage so many cards, which can be said to be the product of the modern economy.

In addition to card packs, it is more convenient and quick to manage various cards, and some card packs can also function as radiation protection, thus avoiding the inconvenience of card erasing.