What is a CD case?

- Jan 07, 2019-

Circle Zipper Closure PU Leather CD Case.jpg

The CD case - as the name implies, is a box for storing cds, usually containing dozens or even hundreds of discs.

By performance

1. Seat dvd storage   Like a small CD cabinet, it is very convenient and can be stored in a large number.

2, portable This kind of CD box is more convenient to read, easy to carry, but the number will be limited

By material

1. Metal dvd storage  Features high-grade and durable, but the price is high

2, plastic CD box is light, but don't fall

Daily use and maintenance knowledge of CD cases:

1, CD box cleaning work is very important, easier to vacuum, long time cleaning

2, it is best not to fall, once the fixed part of the position, then it is more difficult

3. What is used to clean? It is best to use a low alkali cleaning agent to prevent corrosion

4. When placing the disc, clean the disc, this is the best