What is a leather certificate holder?

- Jan 11, 2019-

Smooth Degree Leather Certificate Holder.jpg

The leather certificate holder is also called a certificate package, a document bag, a card holder, and an exhibit card. It is a kind of cultural and educational tool used to load documents and related paper certificates. Most of the current evidence sets have certain protective functions, are convenient to carry, and are exquisite and beautiful. Therefore, they are widely used in all walks of life. According to the different materials of the certificate set, the certificate sets are generally divided into three categories: PVC leather certificate holder, leather certificate sets, and cloth certificate sets.

The leather leather certificate holder are made of leather materials, so they are divided into leather document sets and imitation leather documents. The advantages of the leather document case are fine workmanship, high wear resistance, waterproof and electricity proof, small and exquisite, with a certain texture, can be carried with you. However, the leather document set is not resistant to high temperatures, so the process of printing the logo pattern is relatively simple. The price of leather documents is generally high, and users are also used to hold important documents, such as passports. The imitation leather document sets are mostly made of environmentally-friendly materials PU. When they have many advantages of the leather document sets, they also have their own advantages, which are lighter than the leather genuine parts, and the price is relatively low. However, its toughness process is not as good as the leather document set.

First, convenient and durable. The ID card is applied with a lanyard, which is lightweight and can be worn on the chest for easy use. At the same time, the material itself is flexible, wear-resistant and durable.

Second, the product is beautiful, and the function is multi-purpose. Oxford cloth is multi-colored, and can print logos and text descriptions according to requirements, so the product content and styles are diverse.

Third, the sewing machine is used for sewing. Make the product look beautiful and refined.