What is eco-friendly leather

- May 07, 2019-

The man-made leather also called environmental protection material commonly. Environmentally friendly leather look more similar with real leather.The microfiber leather feels similar to real leather. The big difference between synthetic leather and real leather is that real leather has natural pores to dissipate heat and air while synthetic leather doesn't. For example, some people will get athlete's foot if they wear shoes made of artificial leather, but not leather shoes with real leather. That is because real leather has natural pores.

Actually a kind of real leather also calls environmental protection leather (this kind of leather also calls plant tanning leather).Because the various test indicators of this kind of dermis have met the standards of the international health organization! It Is in line with the human, does not pollute the environment, does not harm the human body's skin and the healthy dermal leather (many pets eat food that is made from this kind of leather material).

The production process of environmental protection leather is from the choice of leather, the choice of chemical materials in the production process, is to refer to the environmental protection index to complete strictly! And then there's the eco leather and all those microfibers and sepials...Their distinction depends on: environmental protection leather, microfiber leather belongs to artificial leather, basically use resin to do commonly.

The advantages and disadvantages


The padfolio, wallet or journal made of real leather has better permeability flexibility, have a good touching and in high quality looking. 


The price is expensive, there is high standard requirement in storing and nuring. Hence it is unfavorable and not that popular.