where to make leather file folder?

- Dec 12, 2018-

Brown A4 Zipper PU Leather File Folder

Tools and materials: leather edge oil, rubber gloves, cutting board, rubber hammer, hand needle, mercury pen & cleaning pen, ruler, spacing gauge, groover, chamfer, knife, diamond, wax , vegetable tanned leather.

1. Leather file folder  simply draw a sketch, or want to be simple. It has always been considered that the simplicity of the more beautiful leather and delicate handwork.

2. Leather folder  selected this piece of leather: imported vegetable tanned skin, thickness 1.5mm, good quality.

3. Consider the proportion of each part, do a good job in the first edition.

 4. Turn the official version, typesetting, rough cut.

 5. Because this leather portfolio  will be used for formal occasions, so choose black to show solemnity. . . This is the first color.

6. Use a groover to remove a thin groove on the leather surface and stitch it in the groove in the future.

 7. The edge stripper removes the edge of the skin from a small bevel of 45 degrees. In this way, the leather edge after polishing will be full and smooth.

8. In the position to be bent, use a slotting device to open a U-shaped groove, and the folded leather will have a beautiful curve. . . This is the inside of the skin. The first time I first used cyan to make a base.

 9. The hard work that can't be seen on the outside is the true inner quality. . . In the position where the flap is folded, I do my best. — in order to make the flap have a beautiful arc when it is closed; it has a comfortable elasticity and feel when it is opened, and after grooving, it is planed with a small plane. Thin, try to find the most ideal thickness.

10. The back of the position to be stitched, use a thinner to thin the edge of the skin, and the stitching will be smooth after the stitching.

11. This step is very important, punching. Whether the thread can be sewn beautifully is quite related to the quality of the punch. After punching, two more colors were applied.