Color Choice Of Men Wallet

- Jun 12, 2019-

What color man's wallet is suitable for you?

How long does a purse last? Geomantic book tells, a purse is used about 3 years, luck was almost used up, had better buy a new one to increase money carry ability that is helpful to host' exchequer.

Geomantic book suggests people to use the purse of straight format type, most of the purse of modern USES are fold type, allegedly money bends everyday and cannot get stretch so it cannot collect money.The newer the wallet, the luckier it is.But realistically, as long as a man's wallet isn't broken and durable, there's no need to replace it. But the color of your wallet can also have a big impact on your finances.

A good (but not expensive) man's wallet can make you rich, while a bad one can make you poor.

What color of men wallet is the most wealthy, pls take a look at your wallet geomantici!

Choose the color of your current wallet or what color you want your next wallet to be.

We're just testing to see what color will earn you the most money.

●A: white - white stands for clean, which is not A good color for A wallet.

●B: yellow - yellow is good for fortune, but not so good for wealth.

●C: plum and peach - if you want to get lucky, go for plum and peach.

●D: black - black represents composed, it can keep money, that is, gather money, do not easily let money loss.

●E: red - red is the color of prosperity and wealth.

●F: blue - blue is water, meaning that money runs away like water, which is not a good color for a wallet.

●G: coffee - the same meaning as a black purse.

What color of wallet can collect most money, if it is for money earning, the most bogey is red wallet, followed by dark yellow, these twoColor spreads wealth; For women, pink is the best color for money (source: opposite sex), followed by pale yellow, beige and white, and black is smooth